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Hi – I’m Sorina!

I am so happy you were guided to find me.

This is your first step towards living a life of purpose, a life guided by what you love, not what you fear.

Maybe you’ve been stuck for a while. Maybe you feel like you tried all the tools to get unstuck but nothing worked.

You still feel like you are chasing love.

You still live in fight or flight most of the time.

You still feel like you’re playing small and the thought of a wasted potential overwhelms you.

You have the awareness and you don’t know how to fill the gap between knowing it all and applying it all.


So here’s where I come. I am here to help you fill the gap between knowing and healing.

I’ve worked with hundreds of customers who felt stuck. Even if it was healing attachment wounds, to healing anxiety, or wanting to heal lifelong wounds – I held their hands while guiding them to their life of purpose.

“Sorina helped me with multiple goals: from organizing my time, to be more conscious in my life and healing some emotional traumas. Her advice is easy to follow and it had a really deep influence on my mind and soul. Her energy managed to keep me going through all these goals I had although life gets pretty easy out of its track. I really liked her complex techniques and her motivation to provide me with various instruments that we can work on my specific goals. I highly recommend Sorina as a coach and I guarantee your life will improve and feel better every day. “


Hello Sorina, I just had some tears flowing for the weekly exercise you suggested. I keep pushing through the hard work and never thank myself and never realizing the progress I have done since I was a little child. Thanks a bunch for the exercise and for the resources, it’s really helping me. The breathing exercises are great, they are helping me with my posture and my inner calmness. I am grateful for your patience and your help. Sending love!


“I approached Sorina because I needed help with my communication. I have always been somewhat abrasive in my relationship with others, and that certainly cost me. Sorina helped me understand what role compassion and empathy play in the day to day life, and how to practice them firstly with myself, and then with others. Over the following months, Sorina helped me tremendously. I can’t recommend her enough. She takes time to understand the issue at a deeper level and to offer attentive and thoughtful advice. I am always eager for her next message.”


Can’t thank you enough for today. I cannot even believe less than 24 hours ago I felt lost and hopeless. Now feels like life is beautiful and hopeful again. I cannot believe how I never realized that I was guided by so many toxic beliefs. So much relief!! I’ll do the homework and catch up with u next week. Thank you again Sorina!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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