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Sorina is a trauma-informed business coach helping people all over the world in shifting their relationship with money and purpose in an integrative way. She helps people create the lives they desire, not the one conditioning chose for them.

Tired of not seeing results in her healing journey through mindset shifts only, she decided to decode the keys to lasting healing and transformation – that’s when she created Authentic Roadmap Activation™, a revolutionary process supporting people over the world in creating expansion and abundance by uncovering their authentic success formula.

She truly believes that the deeper inner work she facilitates has one main purpose – allowing people to access their inherent truth and authentic self that is hidden underneath conditioning.

She believes this work allows us to uncover who we were before the world told us who we should be.


“I wanted to share this with you… today I received a deposit that has put my earnings into the 6-figure mark for the very first time in my life. This has been a goal that I’ve been wanting to achieve for the longest time, and for me to see that amount I reminded myself that I am worthy of having abundance in my life. Regardless of what my body and past self limiting beliefs had been. Thank you for working with me and with my relationship & mindset that I have now with money/abundance.”Client Testimonial – Business Coaching

Working with Sorina was one of the most powerful and deepest experiences of my life. The somatic tools we worked on helped me access places I didn’t even know I was stuck on but as she explains, the body knows better than the mind. I managed to heal some deep childhood traumas that I tried to heal for years in talk therapy. I highly recommend her. The experience you get from your work is beyond word – it will blow your mind.

Client Testimonial – Trauma Healing Coaching

” This program offered me concrete hope and help in changing the course of my life. I recognized that my patterns weren’t serving me well, but I didn’t know how to change them. I wasn’t finding help in traditional therapy either. I could logically identify emotions and triggers, but I couldn’t seem to make my therapists understand that I didn’t know what to do with emotions; I either felt totally overwhelmed and controlled by my emotions or very shut off from my emotions and my own body. It didn’t seem to make sense to my former therapists, and some of them even got annoyed or frustrated when I’d cycle through the same thought patterns or ruminate over the same problems over and over again even though we’d talked about these patterns and dissected them. I wasn’t really making any progress, and I felt like I couldn’t make my therapists understand me. First of all, I felt like Sorina understood me; I didn’t have to try to convince her that my problems were “bad enough” or over-explain. She understood what I was going through and made me feel seen and heard, which was such a relief.”

Client Testimonial - Trauma Healing Coaching

I wanted to let you know that since our call on Wednesday I have already sold as much in 2 days than the whole month of May. I’m still in the process of seeing these sales go through but I’m being patient and playful and most importantly authentic.

Client Testimonial - Business Coaching

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