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Hi loves,

I often get asked about the different types of courses and offerings I currently have, so I want to cover each one of my programs in-depth in this article to make it easier for you to choose the offer that is most aligned with your needs. Please keep in mind that you can also reach out to us via email and ask my team for support in finding the right option for you, as well.

First, let me create some context around who I am and around my work for those new to my world.

After being in my own long and tedious emotional healing journey and feeling continuously failed by several programs and modalities that weren’t effective in helping me achieve the transformation I’ve desired, I’ve discovered what I call the work that works, and designed a modality and healing principles that helps people create rapid change in their lives.

While my revolutionary discoveries first resulted from my trauma healing journey and helped people in their trauma healing journey, and I’ve became, as my clients call me, “a pioneer in the trauma healing work”, the years of being the CEO of my successful self-development company extended my expertise to other areas such as business coaching, financial trauma healing, passive income creation, and so much more.

I deeply believe that I am here to uncover efficient and effective ways of achieving our goals – regardless of whether those goals are to heal our emotional wounds or create abundance after a lifetime of financial trauma, and the programs I offer reflect that, so let me take you through each one of them:

⋙ Embodied Emotional Liberation Manifesto

The foundation of my expertise is trauma and nervous system healing, and it is what makes the other areas of my expertise highly transformational, too.

Embodied Emotional Liberation Manifesto is what I call the emotional healing bible. This framework was designed with my 1:1 clients and it supported people to have phenomenal results in their trauma healing journey.

How do you know if this is the program for you?

Here is how I see it:  Emotional trauma lies an inner foundation that impacts, and oftentimes, hijacks everything we do – from the small things to the big things we do, from feeling at peace with ourselves and our own minds to creating lives, families, and purposes that are deeply fulfilling. Most people operate from emotional imbalance and inner instability that is often caused by unresolved trauma and unresolved emotions, and this program comes with the tools and scientific approach that helps you begin resolving those emotional imbalances and create emotional liberation and internal stability that will have a ripple effect on everything you do.

I would recommend this course to every human on the planet, since so much of how mental health is understood is outdated and most approaches are ineffective in helping us create emotional liberation, but more so to those that feel like their inner stability is hijacked by anxiety, depression, and even more so, emotions that feel out of control, since this was the starting point that made me have this breakthrough. 

The lens in which I present this work is unprecedented in the self-development world, since the approach was uniquely designed from my own embodiment of the work. What students love most about this course is what I also love about it, which is the fact that it teaches you how to understand and meet your emotions in a way that is not talked about.

You can join this course here:

EELM testimonial

I have done a lot of courses while on my healing journey and EELM is the first course I have completed from head to toe. I think it is because it didn’t require me to follow a protocol and helped me own my own healing journey in such a profound way.

I usually still feel a bit of stress in my body when consuming trauma related content but not with EELM. I felt so validated and empowered every step of the way that I actually had multiple emotional releases so I had to pause the video. Every cell in my body was so joyful to finally be seen in this way. I never knew you can actually feel this way during a self-paced course. I signed up because I felt like I hit an emotional ceiling in my expansion + needed to integrate what I knew deeper and release some final blocks (I know there will be more!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

EELM testimonial

I’ve never experienced a course that was so truthful, honest and freeing before, not even in therapy.

EELM testimonial

I already love this course. I have been doing so many courses but never felt like depth and understanding about trauma and emotions were enough, so thank you so much for it!

EELM testimonial

I’ve been in the coaching industry for 2 and a half ears now and I’ve always felt that something was missing until I met Sorina’s work.

EELM gave me the missing pieces in order to really embody the inner work I’ve already started. I am more grounded than ever and I’ve managed to create an inner safety that helps me navigate with ease my business. I’ve recently had a new client and for the first time in my life I received money without the fear that it would go away or that I wouldn’t be able to sell again. Sorina’s work is groundbreaking and powerful and I feel so grateful that I am in her world.

⋙ The Next Level

A core theme I had to really learn and master in this lifetime is how to create a better life without sabotaging my best intention in either calling it in or holding it.

You see – when pain, suffering, and lack are all we’ve known, goodness, abundance, and love can feel the incredibly unfamiliar reason why we often talk about self-sabotage in the self-development industry. Self-sabotage is a built-in tendency we all have to reject the experiences, emotions, and people that are unfamiliar, and this tends to keep people in cycles of suffering because it feels as if we cannot create the life we desire despite our best intentions to do so.

So while Embodied Emotional Liberation Manifesto is covering general trauma and emotional healing with a focus on emotions, The Next Level covers the framework to break through familiar ceilings and integrate self-sabotage. 

This is for you if you have a perpetual feeling that you want more, but you cannot have it (that you don’t even call in better opportunities, or that you call in better opportunities but tend to push them away)

The link to join this program is here:

The Next Level Testimonial

I’m sitting here in awe of how amazing this work has impacted me in less than 3 weeks. 

The Next Level Testimonial

It’s the best course where I actually learned how to be my own healer.

The Next Level Testimonial

This is some next level work, Sorina. I’ve been struggling with self-sabotage my whole life and this course just revolutionized my world.

⋙ The Money Manifesto

After I’ve really mastered the principles for emotional healing and trauma work, I had a genius idea – what if I could use the same principles to shift my trauma around money? What followed was simply transformational – I quickly began seeing my business take off and my money reality completely shifting quickly, despite having been born and raised in Romania and having struggled with money my whole life. In just a few years, my business generated multiple six figures in ways that felt incredibly aligned and in integrity for me.

The Money Manifesto – and Unblocking Money, which is my earlier course on money, bring to you the principles of applying trauma work to our money reality so that we can begin creating a different reality with money.

What people love about my work on money is that it’s not overly simplistic or superficial – it’s practical, trauma-informed, and it provides frameworks that are truly supportive also for people that didn’t experience financial privilege early on.

Client testimonial

I’m honestly amazed that in the 2 months since taking your course, I’ve legit hit all my money goals!!! I hear about these stories/testimonials all the time and never thought it would happen for me, yet here I am!


You’re so wonderful, the work you teach is so needed, no manifestation coaches do this!

Client testimonial
I just wanted to let you know that I have very exciting news and I have YOU to thank for it! I officially am debt-free as of today!!
I signed up for your course in August, and around the same time decided to get serious about my finances. I made a spreadsheet, set a goal to be debt-free by the end of the year, and I also set an income goal.
I’ve been working on your program ever since, feeling more abundant and safer with money.I’m honestly amazed that in the 2 months since taking your course, I’ve legit hit all my money goals!!! I hear about these stories/testimonials all the time and never thought it would happen for me, yet here I am! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You’re so wonderful, the work you do in teaching us about our nervous system response in relation to money is SO needed (no manifestation coaches do this!), and I’m so grateful for all that you’ve helped me with!

⋙ Legacy

Legacy is my digital online academy for coaches that brings together the inner work + marketing/sales strategy needed in order to create a thriving coaching business.

Manifestation is not enough in order to create a solid business, but neither is only having soulless strategy. Both are imperative, and the percentage you need from each is absolutely individual and depends case by case – in Legacy you will see both combined simultaneously, and what amplifies my work here is helping you identify exactly the percentage you need from each based on where you are.

You can check out the curriculum + reviews here: 

⋙ Success in the Mess

“Success in the mess™” is the tagline of my company, the motto of my work ,and the reason why I’ve created a successful multiple six figure business while experiencing + healing complex trauma.

This is beyond just a catchy tagline – it’s a philosophy. The philosophy that breaks the conventional paradigm of success we’ve all been presented so far, where perfection in all forms was a condition for success.

Us, the humans that I call “the disruptors” are the ones that desire success (in our own authentic definition) but find it impossible to chase and achieve perfection as a condition for it.

However, what I discovered in my work with hundreds of clients is that while we have the desire for this paradigm, we may find it hard to embody it or translate it in our physical reality. Science + embodied experience allowed me to understand why that happens: it’s because it is a million times easier to pave an un-walked road when we have a mentor that has already done it before. As I said, this is not only a supposition, it’s science – we are coded to stay in the familiar, to seek sameness and to find common ways for success even if those ways do not work for us. This is why this course was created with this intention in mind – to offer you the unconscious expansion that will make it a million times easier for you to own your own flavor or success, embody it, make it work and release resistance with the speed of light!

You can check out the curriculum + reviews here: 

These are some of the main courses, and you can check the rest of them here: 

Additional links:

I also made it easy for you to understand what types of offerings can be most aligned to your needs in this video:

If you check the description of the video, you will see a timestamp that takes you exactly to the description of the container that is of most interest to you (as shared below)


Thank you for choosing my work as your safe healing cocoon! 

With love and support,






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